Behind the scenes at back2basics dining

As the founders of back2basics we  wanted to give you a little insight into back2basics and the team.
Both of us have  come from a Rosetted and Michelin star background in various restaurants in London and around the country. We are both passionate about the industry and what it has done for us. Now we have the opportunity to give something back and something we believe in and want to share with you.fruit

back2basics is a concept we have both wanted to do for a while now and are now finally bringing to life. It was born over many chats between us and  with a few glasses of wine thrown into the mix and the odd coffee…….you know how it is when you get talking about something you love.

The idea  is based on stripping back food and service to its essentials so that the food, ingredients and the atmosphere speak for themselves whether it is at a event our in your home we want and try to create a environment which is relaxed and informal with the people we love and want to share it with you. This for us is what dining, food and drink is all about. Sharing time with friends & family with great food, great service and great company.

back2basics encompasses everything that sharing food with friends and loved ones means. Dining out is much more for us. It brings people together be it through work or a date or family meal with friends; it lives and creates something special when done in a manner which creates this atmosphere.

Our approach is something altogether more nostalgic. We want you all to remember times spent around a table just enjoying yourself with dad carving, mum telling you not too use your fingers and Nan with her glass of sherry and granddad with his stout in a jug, or friends breaking bread and taking the Mikey out of each other, or Nan’s biscuit tin when you go around for a cuppa. That’s the back2basics vision….with some of our own twists along the way.toffee

We are using as many local ingredients as possible where ever possible; we are growing our own vegetables in an allotment. We are then keeping the back2basics thought process of garden to table. We also try and use a much sustainable ingredients as possible in order to help the environment, traceability is important for us. we want to introduce more ingredients to you as well ones you may have not thought of before and try to promote British and sustainable food and drink . We are both British and we want to support that, just like our wife and fiancée have supported us along with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances to truly encompass back2basics and we can’t wait to share this with you.